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Daniel Zhou, PhD

Tech Entrepreneur

I am Daniel Zhou (周晓丹), an entrepreneur, a data scientist, a software engineer, and a spiritual being living with my wife and two kids at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Currently my time is divided among working as CTO on an early stage startup (, exploring my next entrepreneurial ideas, and running a consulting business on big data and Drupal. I hold a PhD degree in Information Science from the University of Michigan School of Information, specialized in social computing, machine learning, and computational politics. Before graduate school, I worked at IBM China (Beijing) as a software engineer.

I have a wide range of skills required in a CTO/architect. I'm best at back-end development and algorithm design, but I can also do front-end development if needed. My favorite programming languages are Java, Python and Drupal/PHP.

My research in the doctoral program was in the areas of recommender system, social computing, machine learning and computational politics. Academic research now is past tense for me. I am more interested in applying what I have learned to solve real world problems using entrepreneurial approaches. Read more: the archive of my academic research.

Voice: 1-734-926-9295
Office: TechBrewery, 1327 Jones Dr, Ann Arbor, MI