About Me

Daniel Xiaodan Zhou

I am Daniel Zhou (周晓丹), an entrepreneur, a researcher, a drupaler, a software engineer, and a spiritual being living with my wife and two kids at Ann Arbor, MI.

Right now I'm working full time on a startup, Views180.com, with the mission to reduce political divide and polarization. I'm also working part-time on Drupal consulting, with a focus on big data and machine learning integration. Both projects are spin-offs from my research work in graduate school.

I hold a PhD degree in Information Science from the University of Michigan School of Information. My advisor is Professor Paul Resnick. My specialization is in social computing, machine learning, human-computer interaction, computational politics, recommender systems, and big data. Read more...

See my current resume at LinkedIn. My updates and everything else are found in my blog, twitter, and facebook. Contact me here.